Fall/winter 2015

After weeks and weeks with 35ยฐC I could not wait for cooler temperatures! Just as these arrived, I found a red circle on my knee, where a tick had bitten me a while ago. Blood tests confirmed lyme disease and so I had to take antibiotics for a months and take it easy.

To get back in shape, we went on a couple little trips to the alps. Granite climbing is what helps me the most with body tension and pure power… And carrying a Mondo plus a normal-sized pad up and down the hills of Magic Wood for sure helps as well for overall fitness ;-p

More rainy than sunny days meant playing around on the Bruno boulder was often the best (or sometimes only) option. It was really fun to catch up with old friends like Thomasina and Cedar and try and climb various problems together… Like Supersupernova (8A) or Minisex (7C).

After more weeks of work work work work, I did a little solo trip to try to finish an old project of mine. I got pretty close but failed…I was rather disappointed when I came home empty-handed, but with some days gone by I really wouldn’t wanna miss this experience. Focusing on only this one problem, obsessing about it, dreaming of it… This really ignited a passion in me, which I kind of forgot I had. I worked full time for the last years and put a lot of heart and time into that.. Which is fine, as it’s fun and I learned so much! But I still need to get better in balancing these two worlds I live in. Because now that I felt that passion again, I really know I need both worlds. So I was really excited for the new year…

A big thanks to Anne, Reto and Valerie for the great time and incredible hospitality!


spring in the alps!

After some weeks at university, I had some time for a little trip to the Alps before the next semester starts. We decided to go to Magic Wood/Avers. This used to be one of my favourite areas, but the last years there was either to much snow (in the spring semester break) or it was too crowded (in summer), so we never went. The last time I was there I did ‘Schneesturm’, a nice crimpy line on the Pura Vida Boulder. I really liked this block, the style fits me well and its in a pretty surrounding a bit secluded from the main sectors.

So I was really keen to try ‘Pura Vida’ this time. I quickly found a good solution, as none of the individual moves are really hard. Still it took a bit of time and tape, as I had to wait patiently to grow some skin for the sharp pocket at the end of the problem (3 weeks in the laboratory at university may be good for the motivation, but leave you with a baby’s botttom-like skin). When I did it, it went surprisingly controlled (power endurance is not my forte at all!). I’m really happy to have done this line, as I wanted to try this for such a long time!

Apart from one cold front the weather was quite nice for this time of the year and you could enjoy the sun and jump into the freezing river. I even got a tan (usually I return from bouldering holidays looking pale like I spent my time crawling around in dark caves… wonder why…haha):)

As the weather got more unstable at the end of april, we went to a (for us) new area, the Zillertal in Austria. We spent two nice days there, before the rain chaised us away. Now I’m back in the beautiful Frankenjura: time to get on a rope again! Really looking forward to try some of the super-classic routes here…and to the beer and schnitzel afterwards…:)