about me

Date of Birth: 12.12.1985

Climbing since: 1986? (watching my parents climb in Saxony) – 1990? (climbing during various family holidays) – 2001/2/3 (climbing more and more… irreversibly hooked since then)

Currently living: Frankenjura, Germany

Height: 160cm

Ape Index: + 2cm


I am: Climber. M.Sc. in Biochemistry turned software engineer. Daydreamer.

I like: sunshine, friction, mossy forests, fresh air, cats, challenges, laughing, learning new things, discovering new places, slabclimbing, french accents, fresh vegetables,…

I’m not very good at: singing, any ball game, writing about myself 😉 more here:



Contact: dorokara.wordpress@gmail.com