more footage from the Grampians (Australia)

Still injured (more on that soon), which means no climbing but more time to edit videos;)

a little clip from the Grampians trip last year! 3 classics which each involve a very hard shoulder move…

On our first day at the Hollow Mountain Cave, we were a bit shocked to find it covered in charcoal graffiti: Presumably left mostly by hikers who wanted to leave a proof that they managed to get up the ‘strenuous hike’ up there. Trying to brush it off made it almost worse though, as it left big black stains. The local climbers suggested first rubbing a carrot, let it dry and then brush it off?!?

On yet another rainy day Andi and Alex made their way up the Hollow Mountain… only to find the cave a cloud, completely wet due to condensation and the fog. Obviously no climbing that day, but the water layer enabled cleaning of the graffity!

Be a good guest in nature and try to leave every place cleaner than you found it:)


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