Winter 2010/11

There is not a lot to tell about the last winter… A good deal of stress at university and horrible weather, so I barely climbed outside. Over New Years Holiday, we went to Ticino for a quick escape from arctic Germany. Driving through the Gotthardo-Tunnel felt like someone had invented colours again: After not having seen the sun for 6 weeks, it was very nice to see the blue sky again! Even the brown and green hills of Ticino looked quite bright compared to the very limited range of colours of white (snow), grey (old snow, Nebel, rain) and black (wet streets, wet trees,…) back home.

I tried many things and didn’t really send anything besides Fantoman, which is my 100th (or 101th?) 7C (and harder). Here is a video a friend made.

Fantoman fb7c, Doro Karalus from Horst Claus on Vimeo.

PS: Climbing starts at 00:45;)

some impressions:


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